Here are the best places to use fake IDs without a worry

Getting your fake ID in the mail isn’t that different from getting your Christmas presents. Having received the package, there’s still one question that needs to be answered: what do I do now?

The fact that you have the best fake ID does not mean you’ll always be able to use it. Judgments are made differently in different places. There are people who will pass you by with a cursory glance, and there are others who will look at you more closely.

Despite how convincing your fake may seem, there’s a possibility it might not work. Maybe you’ll look too young or catch the bouncer in the wrong spot.

Fake IDs would be much better if they came with a user’s guide. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. Rather, you should learn from your mistakes.

Here are a few places where you can safely use a fake ID! -At a gas station

A gas station is the most popular place to purchase binge drinks.

Choosing your own luck can be a dangerous proposition since many things can go wrong. In gas stations, this isn’t the case. At least for the most part.

The gas stations fall under the category of places where customer experience is not as important. The convenience store is more like a necessity, where you get your gas, maybe some lottery scratchers, and some snacks. Then you move on to the next thing.

Therefore, you won’t be closely watched by anyone. There will only be a tired clerk behind the register who knows they’re doing a soul-crushing job.

It sometimes seems like gas station clerks only exist to grab security camera footage after robberies go wrong. However, they are not the most cautious when it comes to examining fakes.

There was only a limited amount of booze available there, so you have a limited number of options. In contrast, the booze was always cheap and easy to get, and the gas station is always open.

-An Unexpected Strike at Bars Early in the Morning

The idea to order fake IDs online seems tempting but you cannot ignore the risks involved. Thus, you can visit a low-key bar and use the fake ID card to enjoy the booze.

When it comes to enjoying the booze, you can think of one or two places. There are the usual suspects: bars, clubs, and random house parties. A hole-in-the-wall restaurant is another place where you can get your drink on.

When playing old fake ID games, you need to be very cautious. This information can’t be thrown around carelessly. Through some hits and misses, you can finally discover how it worked.

Here’s the thing: restaurants typically have different staff for the day shift and the evening shift. It is presumed that people will only order drinks at night since most people tend to drink only in the evenings.

It is for this reason the restaurant will put a ton of effort into training its staff in the evening to check IDs, but not so much for their daytime staff. Thus, they are less likely to notice the subtle detail in a fake.

Even though you might get a hawk-eyed professional examining your ID at night, during the day, your ID will be examined by someone who might not notice the difference between your fake and a legit ID.

The plan isn’t foolproof, however. The statement that this works all the time would be a lie. You will, however, have a greater chance of success.

-At a not-so-popular bar

Being handed a fake can give you a great deal of anxiety, however, it also gives you a great deal of dumb courage

You will realize later that setting your sights on something more manageable was the better approach. There is a reason why popular places are popular. Their bouncers tend to be too hardened from years of ID checks since they get the most foot traffic.

You can be sure that they will shut you down with an iron fist if you try to play fast and loose with them. Even if you have a glint in your eye or longer shadow, they will know you’re underage.

If you reverse it, you will encounter a different outcome. There is a higher chance of getting into a low-level bar that’s run more like a local watering hole. In these places, you will find security to be pretty relaxed with maybe a cursory glimpse here and there.

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